Our mission is to empower data literacy advocates

so they will lower the barrier to data skills for everyone.

Data Literacy is for Everyone

There’s a growing skills gap directly aligned to data and technology

The pace of technology innovation and change is rapidly accelerating. The ability of organizations to educate their workforce is barely keeping up with the present, let alone preparing for the future. As data and data skills become more relevant and important to any worker, a skills gap is widening.

The Data Literacy Skills Gap will continue to grow unless something changes.

How can individuals and organizations prepare by developing needed skills? This site will provide relevant content to provoke and inspire adult learners while providing context and insight into this cultural shift for organizations.

Understanding Data Literacy

Unsure what Data Literacy is or how it affects you? Learn more about this cultural movement to gain needed skills. I’ll help you to have effective conversations and to recognize where data literacy fits in your life.

Data Literacy for Organizations

To understand Data Literacy, it’s important to know the distinction between organizational data literacy, and individual data literacy. One focuses on an organization’s ability to thrive with data informed decisions today, and one is a critical skill every person needs.

Data Literacy Community

At the heart of it all, Data Literacy is about empowering individuals. Are you someone who is looking to advocate for your own skills, or for that of others? Here you’ll find organizations and people to increase your data literacy awareness, and help others at the same time.