Alice Boone McKnight on Blazing a New Career Path with Data

“You can gain so much inspiration from someone’s story; for someone like me who found themselves using data as part of their work unexpectedly, seeing people who didn’t have traditional backgrounds in data analysis or data science helped motivate me to continue the path.”

How Amber Thomas’ Passions Led Her From Marine Biologist to Data Journalist.

Written By Allen Hillery Amber Thomas is a Sr. Journalist-Engineer at The Pudding. They are a collective team that believes visual essays are an emerging form of journalism. They work hard to perpetuate the adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Data journalism sits at the intersection of data analysis, data visualization and storytelling.Continue reading “How Amber Thomas’ Passions Led Her From Marine Biologist to Data Journalist.”

How to Be a Data Literacy Advocate for Everyone

In 2020, the leisure and hospitality industry experienced an unemployment rate of 39.3%.* Only a percentage of those jobs have been recovered as of December 2020. Data Literacy is a skills gap that impacts everyone. It aligns directly to the changes in technology and the need to align skills to those changes. Frequently we seeContinue reading “How to Be a Data Literacy Advocate for Everyone”