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From Data Traveler to Data Fluent

Keep in mind that Data Literacy is not binary but rather is on a continuum. Everyone has some basic data skills, and others are pretty adept at viewing and understanding, and incorporating data into their daily practices. But as the business data world evolves, these basic data literacy skills also continue to grow.

My Journey Toward Closing the Data Gap

As an Internal Auditor, despite everyone talking about the need to use more data, I noticed that in reality, few auditors did. It was evident that simply repeating ‘you need to use data’ was not leading to change.

Data Literacy Representation: Someone Like Me

Data literacy looks like you, it looks like me, it looks like your neighbor. It looks like the cashier who rang up your groceries. It looks like the food service worker you bought your meal from. It looks like your aging parents and your young children. It looks like people you have never met.

The Truth about Data Literacy Today

I have lost track of the number of times that I have seen people talk about data literacy initiatives, implement solutions, and mention how businesses will thrive if they do x, y, and z. And every single time I read an article or read another “success” story, the one element that needs consideration is left out. People.

How Amber Thomas’ Passions Led Her From Marine Biologist to Data Journalist.

Written By Allen Hillery Amber Thomas is a Sr. Journalist-Engineer at The Pudding. They are a collective team that believes visual essays are an emerging form of journalism. They work hard to perpetuate the adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Data journalism sits at the intersection of data analysis, data visualization and storytelling.Continue reading “How Amber Thomas’ Passions Led Her From Marine Biologist to Data Journalist.”

How to Be a Data Literacy Advocate for Everyone

In 2020, the leisure and hospitality industry experienced an unemployment rate of 39.3%.* Only a percentage of those jobs have been recovered as of December 2020. Data Literacy is a skills gap that impacts everyone. It aligns directly to the changes in technology and the need to align skills to those changes. Frequently we seeContinue reading “How to Be a Data Literacy Advocate for Everyone”


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