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Data Literacy Learnings: One is the Loneliest Number

It feels appropriate that I waited to start writing this until Valentine’s Day – a day often about unrequited love. Or, in this case, the unrequited love of data literacy initiatives and the frequently uttered phrase “what the hell did I get myself into?”

Happy Birthday, Be Data Lit!

On January 26th, 2021, I posted our first blog post and announced our existence to the world. We are formally toddlers and act as such. We have learned to walk, run, and have had some crying jags and emotional outbursts, but we’re growing.

Sarah Bartlett Reflects on Women in Iron Viz and Representation

Post by Sarah Bartlett. Photo by from Pexels Firstly, I would like to thank Be Data Lit for the opportunity to write this post. Following the 2021 Iron Viz final, I posted a thread on Twitter that summarised my thoughts following Lisa Trescott’s monumental Iron Viz win. Allen Hillery reached out to me after seeing this threadContinue reading “Sarah Bartlett Reflects on Women in Iron Viz and Representation”

How Data is Changing Successful Leadership

Guest Post by Nicola Osinake ‘Digital transformation’ describes anything from the recruitment of data scientists, purchasing a new software package or deploying emerging technology such as AI (Artificial Intelligence). Despite this myriad of interpretations there are two things in common. First: Data will be used and created. Second: Change is inevitable.  To enable the majorityContinue reading “How Data is Changing Successful Leadership”

Getting to Know 2021 Iron Viz Winner, Lisa Trescott!

by Allen Hillery Lisa Trescott won the 2021 Iron Viz competition with dazzling and concise visuals and awesome storytelling! For those who may not know about Iron Viz, it’s the largest data visualization competitions where contenders from around the globe compete for bragging rights and a $10,000 cash prize and $5,000 towards a non-profit ofContinue reading “Getting to Know 2021 Iron Viz Winner, Lisa Trescott!”

A Is For Analytics: A Children’s Book Designed to Create a New Data Literate Generation

Guest post by Jason Thompson, CEO of 33 Sticks. Starting my analytics journey In 2004, I found myself out of a job, scared, worried, not knowing where my next paycheck would come from until a friend reached out to me saying, “hey, do you want to join this small company called Omniture, we do webContinue reading “A Is For Analytics: A Children’s Book Designed to Create a New Data Literate Generation”

From Data Traveler to Data Fluent

Keep in mind that Data Literacy is not binary but rather is on a continuum. Everyone has some basic data skills, and others are pretty adept at viewing and understanding, and incorporating data into their daily practices. But as the business data world evolves, these basic data literacy skills also continue to grow.


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