Data Literacy Community

This space is to introduce you to the many people and publications supporting Data Literacy

Data Literacy is for Everyone

Data Literacy Organizations

These organizations provide services and education for individuals and organizations.

Know of other companies teaching individuals or organizations core Data Literacy skills? Let me know!

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Online Courses for Data Literacy

These platforms provide online coursework for people looking to gain data skills, no matter the skill level. Many Massive Open Online Courses allow you so survey a cost for no cost. Check these out to start your journey.

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Know of other platforms providing Data Literacy education, specifically for beginners? Let me know!

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Coursera MooC
Udemy MooC
Khan AcademyNFP eLearning/Coursework
General Assembly $ eLearning/Coursework
Linkedin Learning eLearning/Video Based

The People of Data Literacy

Data Literacy has many people to follow, from multiple points of view. I recommend following each of these individuals to provide a diverse point of view.

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Know of other to follow in Data Literacy? Let me know!

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